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Ludlow is Wonderwall Studios other outdoor version. Similar to Parker in design, the big difference is that it is made solely from the finest Kalimantan reclaimed hardwoods. As such Ludlow can take a hit or two from Mother Earth as well.

Wonderwall panels are designed and produced from a creative studio. The wood used for the wall panels comes from abandoned houses, dilapidated barns, overstressed parts of railway tracks, naturally fallen trees and old floors. The factors material and sustainability through recovery are paramount. The wood is sanded without finishing, is laminated glued and treated against vermin. The wall panels are also suitable for outdoor use.                                                                                 

We are happy to help you calculate the amount of m² you have to order. Send us an e-mail (webshop@bb-interior.com) with the dimensions of the wall and preferably also a photo of the situation. We also offer the possibility to mount the Wonderwall. If you want to make use of this / the price of knowing then also give the address details where it can be mounted. We can then make an appropriate offer for you.

We advise anyone that is planning on installing the wonderwall to use the Wonderwall Studios Montagekit. 

  • Size: 60 x 67.5 cm
  • Thickness: 1 - 4 cm
  • Packaging: Box of 11 panels (approx. 1 m²)
  • Specifics: Prices are per